Welding tooling and templates

Manufacturing of metal products in Wroclaw, Poland is an extremely engaging set of processes, beginning from the order pickup, to its finalizing and quality control. In between there is a number of key manufacturing steps. Products are often made in vast amounts and long series. In such case, the welding tooling and templates are priceless.


SUMEL has very well equipped workshop, we create tooling and templates by ourselves. We made over 600 of them and constantly creating new ones. Why is it so important during production of metal elements?


Welding tooling and templates in Wroclaw, Poland – what are the advantages?

Welding tooling and templates constitutes special equipment of production lines. They are crucial for serial production where precise dimensional stability is required. As SUMEL focuses on serial manufacturing, the production templates are necessary. They ensure high production yield and improved fulfilment of orders. Without them, we would not be able to produce so many projects as we do. What other advantages they provide?

Elimination of errors and faults

We reduce risk of production losses and faults. Repetitive work is very wearisome and operators can get easily distracted. This is why we automated processes to the maximum with welding tooling and templates. As a result processes go smoothly and our operators can focus on more engaging and demanding tasks.

Quick order completion

Templates and other production aids accelerates production and Clients can obtain their order faster. Moreover the products are of high quality, without faults or errors.

Ecological aspects

We use welding templates and tooling also due to ecological reasons. It help us reduce amount of waste. We do not waste the material and do not generate additional waste.

Quality control

Templates or tooling are useful not only during the production process. We also use them to check if the elements are made correctly.

Benefits and benefits again…

Welding tooling and templates bring a lot of benefits for our Clients. Products are not faulty, production completion is quicker. SUMEL focuses on a high productivity based on an innovative technology.

Welding tooling and templates – trust the professionals

Our welding tooling and templates are created by specialists. Design skills and appropriate training is essential to create them properly. We have our own tooling workshop so that production of templates is very quick. We do not buy nor order ready-made products from other companies – we use tooling and templates only made by ourselves.

We produce them from various materials, most often:

  • Tools – improved steel,

  • Welding templates – aluminium.

These elements are resistant to mechanical damage, durable and go through necessary tests. They ensure long-term durability and reliability of devices.

Investment in own tools and templates is a long-term profitable endeavour. Cs are satisfied with high-quality products and our employees are happy that they do not have to do boring and repetitive work. We also can gain greater trust and possibility of completing various projects.