SUMEL specializes in welding – we have several welding stations. We do not limit to one technology, we weld with GMAW (MIG, MAG) and TIG methods. We suit them to the specific order, in order to ensure quality and efficiency of service.


GMAW (MIG, MAG) welding in Wroclaw, Poland – what should we know about these methods?

Long time ago, welding of steel in a blacksmith`s fire was a primary method of combining elements. It is hard to imagine today`s work without this technology, which was mastered over the centuries. Currently it looks completely different, first of all, is carried out with specialist devices.

Our company offers MIG and MAG welding.

  • MIG (Metal Inert Gas) – welding with a consumable electrode in chemically inert gases, such as argon, helium.
  • MAG (Metal Active Gas) - welding with a consumable electrode in the shield of chemically active gases, e.g. CO2.

In both MIG and MAG methods, an electric arc glows between welded material and electrode in a form of rod. Arc and liquid metal is protected by an active or inactive gas. MIG is used for welding of magnesium, copper, titanium or other non-ferrous metals. MAG is better for alloyed or non-alloyed construction steel.


Both methods are used for automatic and semi-automatic welding. These methods are most efficient for welding of metal sheets (and many more!) and have a lot of advantages:


  • Versatility,

  • Possibility of welding metals and alloys in various positions,

  • Excellent welding yield,

  • Possibility of mechanization and automation of method,

  • Very good joint quality,

  • The greatest efficiency of welding of alloy and non-alloy construction steel and non-ferrous metals.

TIG welding in Wroclaw, Poland – where to use?

SUMEL offers also a service of TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. It consists in generating electric arc with a non-consumable tungsten electrode (with or without additional material). In such case an inert gas is used – the same as in MIG method. Shield gas flows from a nozzle of electrode holder and protects the joint and the electrode against oxidation.

TIG method ensures very clean joint with no slag. It is commonly used for welding of stainless steel, high-alloy steel and aluminium, copper or nickel. It is perfect for welding of pipes, pipelines or thin metal sheets.


Advantages of TIG welding:
  • for welding of very thin sheets – from approx. 0.5 mm,

  • perfectly clean joint,

  • no splash of liquid material,

  • possibility of mechanization and automation,

  • highest efficiency of combining stainless steel and materials such as aluminium, copper or nickel.

Our qualified professionals tailor the method of welding to specific job, based on a long-term experience and available options. You do not have to worry about anything, we take care of whole process!



We also work with welding templates!

We produce welding templates by ourselves. This is a special equipment of production lines, especially useful for the creation of serial products, which ensure:


  • quick order completion,

  • minimized risk of errors and faults,

  • minimized risk of product damage,

  • automation of the process,

  • less waste - a positive effect on the environment.


Get to know more about templates HERE