Processing of plastics

In order to meet all expectations of our Clients, we offer a plastic processing service. This is our specialty and one of the main pillars of the company. SUMEL accepts even the most complex, custom orders. We change dimensions, shapes and forms of elements in accordance with given guidelines. We use several methods, including conventional and CNC - computer-controlled machining.


Among others, our offer includes:


  • turning,

  • milling,

  • cutting,

  • threading,

  • drilling,

  • reaming,

  • chamfering and bevelling,

  • cutting,

  • bending,

  • punching,

  • drilling.


Clients can entrust us with any work related to the processing of plastics, we deal comprehensively with each order.

Plastics processing in Wroclaw, Poland – available services

Our specialty is conventional and CNC machining. We use the modern technology and the most efficient devices. We have over 60 machines, including lathes, milling machines and presses.

Turning with lathes
We offer CNC turning of elements up to Ø 55 mm on CNC lathes. This is one of the most popular machining methods. Lathes remove material from the workpiece and form elements such as: cylinders, cones and spheres.
During CNC turning, the workpiece rotates and the lathe tool moves toward the workpiece. The cutting blade may move parallel or perpendicularly to the workpiece rotation axis, or in both directions.
CNC numerical control allows us to create elements safely, precisely, with eliminated risk of damage and defects and shortens time of order completion. Clients receive orders quickly and do not have to worry about their quality.

Milling with the milling machines
We offer milling with an universal milling machines, equipped with cutters - multi-blade tools. Contrary to the turning method, in milling, the tool rotates, and a workpiece moves toward the tool. This method is commonly used to create cubes, gears, grooves, channels and cavities.
We also offer cutting of planes with a CNC milling machine. The same as in case of turning, this method eliminates risk of defects and shortens time of order completion. Our specialists undergo the necessary training and then carry out milling with the greatest care.
Other plastic processing services SUMEL

What else do we offer besides milling and turning?

  • Cutting bars, profiles and pipes with band and circular saws,

  • Drilling, chamfering, bevelling, reaming and boring with pillar drills for single and multi-spindle machining,

  • Threading on automatic threading machines,

  • Expanding and flanging of the ends of the pipes,

  • Welding with MAG / MIG and TIG methods.


How do we process plastics in Wroclaw, Poland?

With over 35 years of experience, we can offer the best service quality. Our extensive machinery park is located in two production halls. We use our own devices only, so Clients can be sure that the entire manufacturing process takes place on site.
When the order is accepted and guidelines are specified, we start processing plastics. As part of our own workshop, we create tools for the production of ordered product. After the successful production in Wroclaw, Poland, we deliver the products locally by company transport, and in case of further destination with a transport company. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!