Sheet metal and pipe stamping


Stamping sheet metal and pipes (including steel, aluminium and brass) is one of our most extensive services. We shape, connect, cut and provide highest quality of plastic processing with professional machines. For stamping, we mainly use bending machines and eccentric presses, depending on specific order.


Numerically controlled machines, help us to automate processes. This way we eliminate risk of errors and shorten the time of order fulfilment. Clients receive highest quality products, ready in a short time. We also accept custom orders.



Sheet metal and pipe pressing in Wroclaw, Poland- the SUMEL offer

Sheet metal and pipe pressing includes a number of steps. This cold and hot forming process includes more than just combining, shaping and cutting. We bend, twist, fold, straighten, trim, smoothen… we are familiar with any work with metal products. Therefore, Clients can rest assured of their order at every stage of processing.


What will you gain by working with SUMEL?

  • Sheet metal and pipe pressing with an automated machine park - eliminated risk of errors, quick order completion without wasting of valuable material.

  • Timeliness - an innovative machinery park allows us to do work quickly and efficiently, under the control of professionals responsible for smooth completion of the machining processes.

  • Technical consulting - SUMEL specialists analyse the available processing options with Clients and provide valuable advice.

  • Affordable price combined with highest quality - we care about our Clients first, which is why we offer attractive prices.


What equipment do we stamp sheets and pipes with?

We use advanced machines: pipe benders and eccentric presses for stamping sheets and pipes in Wroclaw, Poland.


Pipe bending machines

Our pipe bending machines bend the material in the desired direction. These precise devices use pressure without changing the structure of the element. Freedom of parameters setting allows us to adjust the work of the bending machine to a given order. These machines enable profiling of pipes with variable cross-sections and diameters, without affecting the internal structure of the product.


Eccentric presses

Our machinery park includes eccentric presses with the reciprocating movement of the slider generated by the eccentric and connecting rod. Perfect for pressing, crushing, bending, turning, but also punching, ensure the highest precision.


Automated machinery park

We offer many stamping machines, and most of the machinery park is automated so that we are able to carry out complex and repeatable manufacturing batches in a really short time. Convenient programming options increase manufacturing efficiency.


Metal stamping in Wroclaw, Poland - what should we know?

We carry out stamping based on our own or customers' tooling. No matter what type of metal elements our Clients want to entrust to us - we press products for the entire industry.



As a manufacturer of metal products, we focus on innovative methods, in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. We have also other certificates, which can be found on our website in the tab. We are open to long-term cooperation, which is why we also accept complex and custom orders. Welcome!