our team

Our team

People are a core of the company's success. They are the foundation of any business - regardless of its type. Being aware of this, we focus on experienced and reliable staff.


Our team consists of professionals – many of them are working here for 20 years. We also built a well-coordinated team with our young employees, taking care of their training and education. This applies to everyone, including turners, welders and millers so they can offer our clients the best services, solidly supported by knowledge and experience.


Manufacturing of metal eleme- nts in Wroclaw, Poland – who makes up our team?

At SUMEL, over 20 people are involved in manufacturing of metal elements and our team is constantly growing. Everyone is responsible for a specific tasks and take care over a given field of work.

  • Office employees – including manufacturing and logistics managers and production technologists are taking care of the customer service and ensure manufacturing processes are going without any disruption. Responsible for the smooth company running, they pay attention to the smallest details.

  • Production employees – welders, turners, millers, press operators, CNC machine operators… owing to their their commitment and experience, SUMMEL products stand out with excellent quality of workmanship so that all Clients are satisfied and willing to come back to us. Manufacturing of metal elements in Wrocław, Poland is ensured by our qualified employees.


The order is processed as follows:

  • Collecting the order,
  • Preparation of product concept,
  • Project improvement,
  • Preparation of documentation,
  • Project and manufacturing of metal products,
  • Quality control.

In compliance with ISO 9001:2015 certificate we have implemented 8 quality principles:

  • Customer orientation - getting to know his needs and ensuring the best cooperation,

  • Leadership - working out directions for the company's development,

  • Commitment of people - people are the most valuable asset of SUMEL,

  • Process approach - consists of the well-thought-out operation of the company,

  • System approach to the management - all processes in the company are interconnected,

  • Continuous improvement - development is a priority at SUMEL,

  • Factual approach to making decisions,

  • Mutual benefits in relations with suppliers.


What makes SUMEL team special?

SUMEL is focusing on involving all employees in maintaining high quality of service, since 1983. What makes us special?


  • We offer long-term cooperation with Clients who value stable and qualified supplier.

  • We are not afraid of difficult, toilsome, even inconvenient jobs, which other companies tend to avoid. As Henry Ford said: Nothing is particularly difficult to do as long as you break it down into steps.

  • We minimize the negative impact of work on the environment.

  • We work on our own materials, as well as on materials supplied by the Client.

  • We carry out trainings and ensure continuous development of our staff.

  • We offer a comprehensive design and manufacturing of metal products with various techniques, including machining, metal sheet bending, CNC milling, pipe machining and bending and threading.

  • We have been cooperating with domestic and foreign clients for over 35 years.

  • We value cooperation with the Client and establishing good long term relationships.


Above all, we are full of commitment, skills and experience and we are at your disposal. Contact us and see what can we do for you!