our story

Our story

We all know that world would stand still without metals. Our founder, Mirosław Suska knew it well. He established the company in Wroclaw, Maslice in 1983 and today, over 35 years later, he still continues his work with constantly developing team. 

SUMEL is a family business located in Wroclaw, Poland in a building at Potokowa street. We cherish the tradition over the generations. Year by year we improve our services  so that our clients can benefit from comprehensive solutions for the metal industry. 

The main focus of our services is the manufacturing of parts, assemblies and finished products made of metal sheets, flat bars, pipes, beams, profiles, bars, wires and many others. Our team consists of constructors, technologists, toolmakers and production workers with large experience in the industry.

Finished products are manufactured on a basis of technical documentation provided by the Client or elaborated by SUMEL engineers. We offer the advice on manufacturing method. We produce with our own materials or materials delivered by our Clients.