Machinery park

Machinery park is a heart of our company.

This is where we produce all our products. We have extensive equipment and we create all elements on site – with no external equipment. We are taking control over the production process from beginning to the very end. Therefore, Clients can be sure that they entrust their orders to responsible and experienced hands.


What makes our machinery park in Wroclaw, Poland special?
We have over 60 devices located in 2 production halls supported with over 300 handcrafted production tools. Our equipment copes well with unusual, most difficult and demanding tasks. We produce short, medium and long product series and take care of orders from the project stage to the shipment of finished product. It couldn`t work so well without investment in modern machines compliant with international technical, manufacturing and quality standards.

Manufacturing of metal products in Wroclaw, Poland – explore the SUMEL facilities in detail

What (briefly describing) is included in our machine park?


  • Steel sheet guillotine
    This device is perfect for cutting of steel, aluminum, galvanized, stainless and brass sheets, maximum sheet thickness 5 mm and width 2 m.
  • Metal cutting bandsaw
    Equipped with cutting band, precisely cut pipes, rods and metal profiles. This is a basic processing machine operated by qualified and trained professionals.
  • Circular saw machines
    Their main element is a cutting blade. Perfect for cutting long elements, made of aluminium and copper.
  • Eccentric press machines
    Their reciprocating movement is generated by the eccentric. It is an extremely effective device for shaping metals by moulding. With a pressure from 20 up to 100 tons, it presses, punches and bends metal elements and pipe ends.
  • CNC turning machines
    These devices are designed for machining - a type of subtractive machining that involves cutting small parts of the processed material. The scope of services includes: turning, boring, cutting, drilling and threading.
  • Pillar drills
    With mechanical feed, they are intended for single and multi-spindle machining: drilling, reaming, boring, threading.
  • Multi-purpose mills
    Used for milling in planes, including rows, threads and gears. The main element is a milling cutter that performs a rotary motion and moves in relation to the material being processed.
  • Single-spindle automatic turning machines
    Used for serial processing of pipes and rods, which are turned, cut and threaded.
  • Thread rolling machines
    As the name suggests, they are intended for serial rolling (forming) of external threads on metal blanks.
  • Pipe bending machines
    They are designed for bending of steel, aluminium and brass rods and pipes.
  • Automatic vertical threading machines
    They are forming internal threads.
  • Semi-automatic welding machines
    Devices for welding of steel and aluminium with a gas shielding.
  • Spot-welding machines
    Designed for resistance welding of steel elements. They are connected with each other with a heat release at the point of contact.
  • Edge press
    Mostly for bending, pressing and corrugation of steel sheets under any angle. Our device is 2.6 m long and can press with 80 tonnes weight.

Our machinery park is suited for needs of all our Clients. We know how great impact it has on products parameters and its lifespan, this is why we invest only in the best quality devices. You can check that in person!