Mechanical processing:

It is a general process in which the size of an element or material is changed by means of separation of its parts or alteration of its shape by applying mechanical pressure


A type of mechanical processing in which small parts of the processed material are separated (cut off) and changed into waste (swarf).


A type of machining used mostly for processing the external and internal surface of objects in shape of solids of revolution. However, other shapes can be produced as well.

MIG/MAG welding:

Welding by means of a consumable electrode shielded by inert (MIG) or active (MAG) gases. The most common gases used in MIG welding are argon and helium whereas in MAG – carbon dioxide or its mixture with argon.

The advantage of MIG/MAG welding is its good quality and aesthetic welds.
This method can be used to welding the majority of materials.

We also offer resistance spot welding.

We use the following methods of mechanical processing:

  • cutting – separating an object into parts,
  • bending – changing the shape of an object,
  • subtractive machining – removing unnecessary fragments,
  • stamping – changing the shape,
  • thread rolling,
  • conventional milling,
  • surface grinding,
  • CNC turning,
  • conventional turning,
  • plastic/mechanical working,
  • quenching and tampering,
  • welding.