We offer mechanical processing such us:

  1. Machining:
    • Cutting by band saw or by circular saw,
    • CNC turning of units up to Ø 55 mm on CNC lathes,
    • Surface milling on universal milling machines,
    • Single- and multi-spindle drilling on pillar drills,
    • Manufacturing units on automatic lathes (up to Ø 25 mm),
    • Tapping on a universal tapping machine, threading.
  2. Turning of bars (up to Ø 35 mm) on universal lathes.
  3. Pipe profiling:
    • bending in the radius on the bending machine,
    • belling, flue rolling, flanging the pipe ends.
  4. Sheet metal processing:
    • guillotine cutting,
    • shearing on eccentric press,
    • laser cutting (for short lot),
    • bending and stamping on our own machinery,
    • welding.
  5. High-efficiency rolling of external threads on rolling mills.
  6. MAG welding, MIG welding (gas-shielded).
  7. Resistance spot welding (maximum thickness of sheets 2x3mm).
  8. We provide protective/decorative coating (zinc, chromium, nickel, powder coating).

We use our own tools, devices and machinery to fulfill the production order.
We deliver the products within the Wrocław area by our own means. When delivering internationally, we cooperate with a trustworthy transportation company.